High Current IR3847 Gen3 SupIRBuck®

By Infineon Technologies 93

High Current IR3847 Gen3 SupIRBuck®

The IR3847 high-current Point-of-Load (POL) integrated DC/DC voltage regulator extends the current rating of International Rectifier’s third generation SupIRBuck® family up to 25 A in a compact 5 x 6 mm package.

As a result of a new thermally-enhanced package using copper clip and several proprietary innovations in the controller, the IR3847 can operate at 25 A without heatsink. The device reduces PCB size by 20% compared to alternative integrated solutions, and 70% compared to discrete solutions using a controller and power MOSFETs. A complete 25 A power supply solution can be implemented in as little as 168 mm².

The new device integrates IR’s latest generation power MOSFETs with a feature-rich, third generation SupIRBuck® controller that includes post-package precision dead-time trimming to optimize losses, and internal smart LDO to optimize efficiency across the entire load range. The device includes true differential remote sense essential for high-current applications, and 0.5% reference voltage accuracy in 25°C to 105°C temperature range. Input feed-forward and ultra-low jitter combine to enable total output voltage accuracy less than 3% over line, load, and temperature, as required by high-performance communications and computing systems.

As part of the new Gen3 SupIRBuck single-input voltage (5 V - 21 V) family, the IR3847 features a proprietary modulator scheme that reduces jitter by 90% compared to standard solutions. This has the dual benefit of reducing output voltage ripple by approximately 30%, and allowing higher-frequency/higher-bandwidth operation for smaller size, better transient response, and fewer output capacitors.

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