HMC1032LP6GE and HMC1034LP6GE Clock Generators

By Analog Devices Inc 53

HMC1032LP6GE and HMC1034LP6GE Clock Generators

Analog Devices has launched two exciting SMT packaged clock generators, the HMC1032LP6GE and the HMC1034LP6GE. Ideal for a wide range of high performance cellular/4G infrastructure, fiber optic, and networking applications, these devices deliver best-in-class jitter and industry-leading phase noise floor.

The HMC1032LP6GE and the HMC1034LP6GE offer programmable frequency synthesis from 125 MHz to 3 GHz in both integer- and fractional-N relationships to their reference clocks. The HMC1032LP6GE is ideal for clocking DSP, FPGAs, and high performance processors, and operates from 125 MHz to 350 MHz. The HMC1034LP6GE is designed to meet the stringent requirements of high speed data converters and Physical Layer Devices (PHY), and operates from 125 MHz to 3 GHz.

The devices integrate high accuracy PLL and VCO circuits. An advanced Delta-Sigma Modulator with 24-bit step range enables excellent frequency resolution of 3 Hz and below. The serial programming interface (SPI), and Analog Devices' easy-to-use configuration software, allows for programming frequencies rapidly. A proprietary "Exact Frequency Mode" of operation reduces frequency errors in fractional-N synthesis mode, while maintaining the excellent noise and spur performance of the device.

The state-of-the-art HMC1034LP6GE clock generator achieves an industry-leading phase jitter performance of 78 fs RMS typical (12 kHz to 20 MHz integration bandwidth) when operating at 800 MHz, and improves link level jitter performance, interface Bit-Error-Rates (BER) and Eye Diagram metrics. The device is ideal for low noise clock multiplication in networking, data center, and storage applications.