HXG Series Capacitors

By Rubycon 187

HXG Series Capacitors

Rubycon's HXG series is designed for applications requiring high performance and compact size. Our 450 V, 470 µF HXG can deliver 2.92 A ripple versus our current MXG series at 1.85 A. This is a 57% increase in performance. If size reduction is required, a 220 µF design can result in a size reduction from 35 x 50 mm to 35 x 30 mm (under the same load) which is ideal for 1 µ power supply designs. This series is designed with enhanced structural improvements and a durable foil for a robust design suitable for white goods, motor control, UPS and other power supply applications.

  • 400/420/450 V, 105°C
  • 1-3.5 A options
  • Snap-in mounting
  • Height from 25-50 mm
  • Diameters from 20-35 mm
  • Power
  • Motor control
  • UPS
  • Inverters