INA230 Current-Shunt and Power Monitor

By Texas Instruments 247

INA230 Current-Shunt and Power Monitor

Texas Instruments' INA230 is a current-shunt and power monitor with an I2C interface that features 16 programmable addresses. The INA230 monitors both shunt voltage drops and bus supply voltage. Programmable calibration value, conversion times, and averaging, combined with an internal multiplier, enable direct readouts of current in amperes and power in watts.

The INA230 senses current on buses that vary from 0 V to +28 V, with the device powered from a single +2.7 V to +5.5 V supply, drawing 330 µA (typical) of supply current.

  • Bus voltage sensing from 0 V to +28 V
  • High- or low-side sensing
  • Current, voltage, and power reporting
  • Configurable averaging options
  • Programmable alert threshold
  • Power supply operation: 2.7 V to 5.5 V
  • Smartphones and tablets
  • Servers and computers
  • Power management
  • Battery chargers
  • Power supplies
  • Test equipment

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