IR1167S SmartRectifier™ Control IC

By Infineon Technologies 92

IR1167S SmartRectifier™ Control IC

International Rectifier's IR1167S SmartRectifier is a secondary side driver IC designed to drive N-Channel power MOSFETs used as synchronous rectifiers in isolated Flyback converters. The IC can control one or more parallel N-MOSFETs to emulate the behavior of Schottky diode rectifiers. The drain to source voltage is sensed differentially to determine the polarity of the current and turn the power switch on and off in proximity of the zero current transition. Ruggedness and noise immunity are accomplished using an advanced blanking scheme and double-pulse suppression which allow reliable operation in continuous, discontinuous, and critical current mode operation and both fixed- and variable-frequency modes.

The IR1167 SmartRectifier IC uses IR's proprietary HVIC technology, making it compatible with all MOSFET gate types and offers direct connection to IR's wide range of 30 V to 200 V SR MOSFETs. The benefits of the IR1167 SmartRectifier IC are further enhanced when used with IR's MOSFETs featuring optimized on-resistance and gate charge characteristics, such as the IRF7853, IRFB4110, and IRFB4227. These optimized MOSFETs work with the IR1167 as a "total-chip set solution" to further maximize efficiency and power density in SR circuits. The SmartRectifier technique halves the losses dissipated in the SR MOSFET.

  • Secondary side, high-speed SR controller
  • DCM, CrCM, and CCM flyback topologies
  • 200 V proprietary IC technology
  • Max 500 KHz switching frequency
  • Compatible with 1 W Standby, Energy Star, CECP, and others
  • Simple design
  • Anti-bounce logic and UVLO protection
  • 10.7 V / 14.5 V gate drive clamp
  • Direct sensing of MOSFET drain voltage
  • Minimal component count
  • Lead-free