LB1846MC Motor Driver IC

By ON Semiconductor 133

LB1846MC Motor Driver IC

ON Semiconductor's LB1846MC is a 2-channel low-voltage, low-saturation-voltage-type bi-directional motor driver IC that is optimal for use as a 2-phase stepping motor driver in printers, cameras, and other portable equipment. The output circuits are of the bipolar type, with PNP transistors in the upper side and NPN transistors in the lower side, and they achieve low saturation output and low-power characteristics despite being provided in a miniature package. The LB1846MC products can directly control a motor with signals from a microcontroller. The LB1846MC is optimal for 1-2 phase excitation drive for 2-phase stepping motors using 4-input logic (IN1, IN2, IN3 and IN4). Another point is that these ICs include built-in thermal shutdown circuits so that IC scorching or burning is prevented in advance, even if the IC output is shorted.


  • Optimal for 1-2 phase excitation drive for 2-phase stepping motors
  • Standby current: Zero
  • Thermal shutdown circuit
  • Low saturation voltage. VO (sat) = 0.55 V typical at IO = 400 mA
  • No limitations on the magnitude relationship between the power supply voltage (VCC) and the input voltage (VIN)

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