LED Dimming ICs

By Omron Electronics Inc-EMC Div 75

LED Dimming ICs

Omron's newest LED controller IC’s are designed to allow incredibly linear backlight control, resulting in beautiful fade-in and fade-out control of LED’s without the flicker or stepped degradation that many other brightness controls use. Because the human eye is more sensitive at the dimmer gradation and less sensitive to upper end brightness changes, the human eye will reach saturation very quickly with conventional brightness controls. Omron's technology features 1024 gradation steps for smooth, flicker-free dimming controls with a single CPU command. Designed to drive and control single and multi-color LED arrays and strings.


  • Free-running PWM gradation control, with up to 1,024 levels, enables the representation of beautiful fade-in and fade-out effects
  • CPU load can be reduced by controlling lighting gradation and speed
  • Up to 49 pieces of this IC can be connected on the same serial bus communication line and device group setting is also possible
  • Independent control of up to 9 or 24 Lines (depending on part number)
  • Use with Omron’s W2RV005RM Constant Current IC to directly drive multiple LED’s in series