LGC Series 2-Terminal Capacitors

By AVX Corporation 80

LGC Series 2-Terminal Capacitors

AVX Corporation has enhanced its land-grid array (LGA) capacitor product offering to include a low inductance 2-terminal 0805 package for advanced decoupling applications. Designated the LGC series, this advanced capacitor is available in 100% tin- or tin-lead-terminations and provides high-frequency performance similar to an 8-terminal interdigitated capacitor (IDC). This makes the LGC series ideal for design engineers in commercial, military, and aerospace applications.

The LGC decoupling capacitor series provides capacitance values of 1.0 μF at 6.3 V and 2.2 μF at 4 V in an X5R dielectric formation across an operating temperature range of -55°C to +85°C. The SnPb termination LGC decoupling capacitors are ideal for high speed decoupling of military and aerospace CPUs, GPUs, server, and networking applications.