LGJ Inductor Series

By TDK Corporation 139

LGJ Inductor Series

TDK announces the release of their new LGJ high-reliability inductor series. This robust new series features the new TDK anti-counterfeit technology, as well as expanded testing and qualifications done on each lot manufactured. “High reliability grade” means that TDK's LGJ series inductors provide an extended life inductor that meets or exceeds the electrical, mechanical, and environmental performance standards from AEC Q200 Rev.D. They also feature TDK’s new RFID reel tracking.

Features and Benefits

  • High-reliability inductors and common mode filters
  • Anti-counterfeit features
  • Certificate of compliance
  • Passive RFID tracking label
  • Premium level engineering support
  • Smart meter/smart grid
  • Solar micro inverters
  • Long term lighting (LED)
  • Industrial electronics
  • Electric vehicles/charging stations
  • Telecom infrastructure
  • Class 1 and 2 medical equipment
  • Military communication
  • Applications requiring high reliability components