LM10011 Voltage Programmer

By Texas Instruments 37

LM10011 Voltage Programmer

Texas Instruments' LM10011 is a precision, digitally programmable device used to control the output voltage of a DC/DC converter. The LM10011 outputs a DC current proportional to a 4-bit or 6-bit input word. By connecting the IDAC_OUT pin to the feedback node of a regulator, the regulator output voltage can be adjusted to a desired range and resolution set by the user. As the input word counts up, the output voltage is adjusted higher based on the values of the feedback resistors in the converter.

  • 1.0% output current accuracy (0°C to +100°C)
  • 1.25% output current accuracy (–40°C to +125°C)
  • Input voltage range: +2.97 V to +5.5 V
  • Pin-selectable VID format (6/4 bit)
  • 16 selectable start-up currents
  • Precision enable to support custom UVLO
  • SON-10 3 mm × 3 mm footprint, 0.5 mm pitch
  • Footprint compatible with the LM10010
  • Broadband, networking, and wireless communications
  • Notebook power solutions
  • Portable instruments
  • Battery-powered equipment
  • Powering digital loads with a 4-bit or 6-bit, 4-pin VID interface

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