LM10504 Triple Buck + LDO Power Mgmt Unit

By Texas Instruments 57

LM10504 Triple Buck + LDO Power Mgmt Unit

Texas Instruments' LM10504 is an advanced PMU containing three configurable, high-efficiency buck regulators for supplying variable voltages. The device is ideal for supporting ASIC and SOC designs for Solid-State and Flash drives.

The LM10504 operates cooperatively with ASIC to optimize the supply voltage for low-power conditions and power-saving modes via the SPI interface. It also supports a 250 mA LDO and a programmable Interrupt Comparator.

  • Three highly efficient programmable buck regulators
  • Integrated FETs with low RDSON
  • Bucks operate with their phases shifted to reduce the input current ripple and capacitor size
  • Programmable Output Voltage via the SPI interface
  • Overvoltage and Undervoltage Lockout
  • Automatic internal soft start with Power-on reset
  • Current overload and thermal shutdown protection
  • PFM mode for low-load, high-efficiency operation
  • Power-down data protection enhances data integrity

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