LM3463 Constant Current LED Driver

By Texas Instruments 89

LM3463 Constant Current LED Driver

Texas Instruments' six channel LED driver with dynamic headroom control facilitates development of energy efficient, quality, high lumen-output applications. The LM3463 works easily with readily available, standard constant voltage power supplies, or with customized AC/DC converters which can take advantage of dynamic headroom control for increased system efficiency. Flexible-string dimming control options gives users the ability to optimize the driver for different lighting requirements such as: 1) 6 x white channels (traditional); 2) 4 x white + 1 x red + 1 x green channels (color rendering index adjustment); 3) 2 x red + 2 x green + 2 x blue channels (full RGB).

  • Dynamic Headroom Control output to maximize efficiency
  • Six channel, current-regulated LED driver
  • High precision analog dimming control interface
  • Four individual PWM dimming control inputs
  • Dimming control via digital data bus
  • Street lighting
  • Outdoor area lighting
  • High bay lighting

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