LMX2581 Wideband Frequency Synthesizer

By Texas Instruments 43

LMX2581 Wideband Frequency Synthesizer

Texas Instruments' LMX2581 is an ultra low-noise, wideband frequency synthesizer which integrates a delta-sigma fractional N PLL, a VCO with fully integrated tank circuit, and an optional frequency divider. The LMX2581 integrates several low-noise, high-precision LDOs to provide superior supply noise immunity and more consistent performance. When combined with a high-quality reference oscillator, the LMX2581 generates a very stable, ultra-low noise signal. The internal VCO can be bypassed so that an external VCO can be used.

  • Wideband synthesizers from 50 MHz to 3760 MHz
  • High performance - low phase-noise and small spurs
  • Option to bypass and use an external VCO
  • Higher phase detector frequency
  • Two sets of RF outputs
  • Wireless infrastructure (UMTS, LTE, WiMax, multi-standard base stations)
  • Broadband wireless
  • Wireless meter reading
  • Test and measurement
  • Clock generation

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