LPSC Series Low Profile Silicon Capacitors


LPSC Series Low Profile Silicon Capacitors

Low-profile silicon capacitors from IPDiA are the most appropriate solution in applications with height constraints. LPSC is the perfect choice for embedded technologies, modules, systems-in-package, or any application where designers are looking at utmost decoupling behaviors. This silicon capacitor technology offers a capacitor integration capability (up to 250 nF/mm²), allowing downsizing as compared to tantalum and MLCC, providing up to 10 times higher reliability and eliminating cracking phenomena. Silicon capacitor technology also offers a very stable capacitor value over the full operating voltage and temperature range, with a high and stable insulation resistance. This silicon-based technology is RoHS compliant and compatible with lead-free reflow soldering processes.

  • Ultra-low profile (100 µm)
  • High stability of capacitance value:
    • Temperature < ±0.5% (-55°C to +150°C)
    • Voltage < 0.1%/Volts
  • Negligible capacitance loss through ageing
  • Unique high capacitance offering package sizes from 0201 to 1812
  • High reliability (FIT < 0.017 parts / billion hours)
  • Low leakage current down to 100 pA
  • Low ESL and ESR
  • Suitable for lead free reflow soldering
  • Contact, contactless and dual interface Smart Cards
  • RFID transponders, tags, and labels
  • MCM and SIP stacking possibilities
  • Low power MEMS based sensors