MEMS Inclinometer Sensors

By Murata Electronics 191

MEMS Inclinometer Sensors

Murata's inclination MEMS sensors are an optimum choice for high-accuracy leveling and inclination measurement instruments. The higher accuracy is available with the SCA series, which uses a differential measurement principle to compensate for all common-mode error and noise effects. The SCA103T output resolution is 0.0013 degrees.

With the best shock durability available in the MEMS market, Murata inclinometers provide trouble-free measurements in moving machinery, vehicles, airplanes, construction machinery, and hand held devices.

  • High reliability
  • High precision
  • One and two axis models available (X, XY, Y)
  • Analog or digital output models available
  • Leveling instruments
  • Automotive
  • Moving machines
  • Rotating lasers