MIC28510YJL Adjustable Synchronous Buck Regulator

By Microchip Technology 200

MIC28510YJL Adjustable Synchronous Buck Regulator

The SuperSwitcher II™ family features Microchip's Hyper Speed Control™, delivering ultra-fast transient response and minimizing output capacitance, while achieving highest power density. The MIC28510 is a wide-input, synchronous switching regulator IC that provides step-down conversion with better than 94 percent peak efficiency. With an input voltage as high as 75 V and a maximum output current of 4 A, the solution eliminates the need for a costly dual-stage conversion approach for point-of-load applications. The MIC28510 delivers up to 100 W of power in a 13cm2 device.

The MIC28510 integrates low-RDSON, high and low-side power switches to provide a highly efficient output down to 0.8 V. The MIC28510 is also Any Capacitor™ stable, independent of output ESR, thus solving the stability problem power supply designers faced with distributed output capacitance.

By combining an exceptionally wide input voltage range, superior stability and transient response with innovative packaging the chip ensures the best power density and thermal performance across the entire load range. The solution delivers unprecedented performance and flexibility, placing the MIC28510 in the sweet spot for designers tackling the industry’s most demanding applications.

  • Hyper Speed Control™ architecture enables:
    • High Delta V Operation (VIN = 75 V and VOUT = 0.8 V)
    • Small output capacitance
  • 4.5 V to 75 V voltage input
  • 4 A output current capability, with up to 95% efficiency
  • Adjustable output down to 0.8 V
  • +1% FB accuracy
  • 100 kHz to 500 kHz switching frequency
  • Any Capacitor™ stable
    • Zero-ESR to high-ESR output capacitors
  • Internal compensation
  • Foldback current-limit and “hiccup” mode short-circuit protection
  • Thermal shutdown
  • Supports safe startup into a pre-biased load
  • -40°C to +125°C junction temperature range
  • 28-pin, 5 mm x 6 mm MLF® package
  • Base stations
  • Power-over-Ethernet
  • Home security systems
  • Solar inverters