MM60 Wireless HD Connector

By JAE Electronics 209

MM60 Wireless HD Connector

JAE has enhanced its MM60 series by developing a 76-contact DMC (Display Mini Card) standard compatible connector. Two mounting options, latch type and nut type, are available and both types are compatible with automated mounting.

Wireless data transmission between PCs and their peripherals has been advancing, and the demand to wirelessly transmit data to monitors is also increasing. To meet this trend the organization behind the PCI Express standard, PCI-SIG (PCI-Special Interest Group), added the DMC (Display Mini Card) standard, which supports wireless transmission of display signals in addition to the existing PCI Express standard conventionally used for wireless-LAN transmission. This connector is compliant with the DMC standard and is ideal for wireless display signal transmission from PCs to monitors and televisions.

  • Compatible with PCI Express Mini Card Electromechanical spec, and can be used with PCI Express, USB, and DisplayPort transmission modules
  • Latch spring mechanism allows for easy module removal
  • Main connector part, mounting latch, and nut are available, and all are compatible with automated mounting
  • Main connector size: 4 mm height, 10 mm depth, and 42.7 mm width

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