MMA8491Q Xtrinsic 3-Axis Accelerometer

By NXP Semiconductors 105

MMA8491Q Xtrinsic 3-Axis Accelerometer

The NXP Semiconductor MMA8491Q Xtrinsic 3-axis accelerometer is an ultra-low-power tamper detection and tilt sensor that enables smart meters, home appliances, asset tracking applications, gaming, and remote controls through auto-on/auto-sleep energy-efficient operation housed in a specialized industrial package. The MMA8491Q Xtrinsic accelerometer is simple, yet robust with reduced system and implementation cost for reduced development time. Its unique, single sample and hold measurement method allows for ease of use.

The MMA8491Q Xtrinsic accelerometer operates with reduced power consumption by intelligently determining when the application should operate at a low-power mode or shut off, prolonging battery life. Tilt threshold detection is used to enable/disable host systems or trigger actions, which reduces duty cycles and saves power. Set up is not required since the auto-on provides a short wait to the first data out, reducing average power consumption to less than one micro amp. Without software load on the core system, more sleep time is possible on the host, which also saves power.

  • Lower power for significant battery saving
  • Lead pitch complies with industrial footprint
  • Out-of-box tilt detection sensor saves setup time
  • Reduce turn-on data latency
  • Enables high-resolution application with low-power consumption requirements
  • Works well with MCU-based devices
  • Wide operating voltage
  • Smart meters
  • Home appliances
  • Asset tracking applications
  • Gaming
  • Remote controls

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