MSP430FR5739 Mixed Signal MCU

By Texas Instruments 143

MSP430FR5739 Mixed Signal MCU

Texas Instruments' MSP430FR5739 family of ultra-low-power microcontrollers consists of multiple devices featuring embedded FRAM nonvolatile memory, ultra-low power 16-bit MSP430 CPU, and different peripherals targeted for various applications. The architecture, FRAM, and peripherals, combined with seven low-power modes, achieve extended battery life in portable and wireless sensing applications. FRAM is a new nonvolatile memory that combines the speed, flexibility, and endurance of SRAM with the stability and reliability of flash, all at lower total power consumption. Peripherals include 10-bit A/D converter, 16-channel comparator with voltage reference generation and hysteresis capabilities, three enhanced serial channels capable of I²C, SPI, or UART protocols, internal DMA, hardware multiplier, real-time clock, five 16-bit timers, and more.

  • Embedded Microcontroller
    • 16-bit RISC architecture with up to 24 MHz clock
    • Wide supply voltage range (2 V to 3.6 V)
    • -40°C to 85°C operation
  • Intelligent digital peripherals
    • 32-bit hardware multiplier (MPY)
    • Three-channel internal DMA
    • Real-time clock with calendar and alarm functions
    • Five 16-bit timers with up to three capture/compare
    • 16-bit cyclic redundancy checker (CRC)
  • Optimized ultra-low-power modes
  • Ultra-low-power ferroelectric RAM
    • Up to 16 KB nonvolatile memory
    • Ultra-low-power writes
    • Fast write at 125 ns per word (16 KB in 1 ms)
    • Built in error coding and correction (ECC) and memory protection unit (MPU)
    • Universal memory = program + data + storage
    • Radiation resistant and nonmagnetic