OPA2170/71 RRO Op Amp

By Texas Instruments 101

OPA2170/71 RRO Op Amp

Texas Instruments' first 36 V general purpose operational amplifier is offered in the industry's smallest package for the single (SOT553) and dual (VSSOP). The OPA2170 provides the best combination of low cost and specifications for the industrial market for a wide variety of applications, simplifying BOM lists across several designs.

  • Supply range: +2.7 V to +36 V, ±1.35 V to ±18 V
  • Low noise: 19 nV/√Hz
  • RFI filtered inputs
  • Input range includes the negative supply
  • Input range operates to positive supply
  • Tracking amplifier in power modules
  • Merchant power supplies
  • Transducer amplifiers
  • Bridge amplifiers
  • Temperature measurements