P2 Series Relays

By TE Connectivity Potter & Brumfield Relays 103

P2 Series Relays

TE Connectivity's P2 series, or V23079, third generation signal relay offers a great combination of features in its slim line package. Contacts are rated 2 amps, but they can switch up to 5 amps, the highest switching capability of TE third generation relays.

They were initially designed for use in telecommunication applications, and many continue to be used in telecommunication and data communication equipment. However, their usage has spread to other industries needing signal level switching.

With its range of options, the P2 has become the most broadly applied TE third generation signal relay. It is used in many different communications, automotive and industrial applications including: communications equipment linecard application (ringing and test access), PABX, voice over IP, office equipment, measurement and control equipment, automotive equipment, keyless entry, speaker switch, medical equipment, and consumer electronics.


  • Slim line package
  • Through hole or surface mount
  • Two pole changeover (2 CO / 2 form C)
  • Contacts rated 2 A, can switch 5 A
  • Polarized monostable, single-coil bistable, and dual-coil bistable options
  • Standard and high dielectric strength model
  • Immersion cleanable, sealed to RT III
  • Excellent combination of features/options is suitable for many different applications