PCT2075 Temperature Sensor

By NXP Semiconductors 96

PCT2075 Temperature Sensor

The PCT2075 temperature sensor from NXP offers more flexibility than ever, before yet retains backward compatibility to the industry-standard I2C bus LM75 device for easy design-in.

This temperature sensor is highly accurate, boasting a ±1°C precision over a -25°C to +100°C range, which is where most temperature measurements are made. The resolution of this device is 11-bits, or +0.125°C, allowing you to sense minute temperature changes while the outstanding accuracy ensures a solid knowledge of the ambient conditions.

The PCT2075 also boasts a faster I2C bus speed, up to 1 MHz, which allows for quicker response on busses with many I2C slaves. Typical industry-standard devices only permit eight devices on the same I2C bus segment without elaborate multiplexing schemes, but the PCT2075 allows up to 27 devices on the same I2C bus segment using only three device pins. This feature is particularly beneficial when determining temperature gradients over a surface.

The PCT2075 can be used for the following applications; system thermal management, industrial controllers, personal computers, solid-state drives, thermostats, and LCD TVs.

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