RF430CL330H Dynamic NFC Interface Transponder

By Texas Instruments 68

RF430CL330H Dynamic NFC Interface Transponder

The Texas Instruments Dynamic NFC Interface Transponder RF430CL330H is a NFC Tag Type 4 device that combines a wireless NFC interface and a wired SPI or I²C interface to connect the device to a host. The NDEF message in the SRAM can be written and read from the integrated SPI or I²C serial communication interface, and can also be accessed and updated wirelessly via the integrated ISO14443B-compliant RF interface that supports up to 848 kbps.

This allows NFC connection handover for an alternative carrier like Bluetooth™, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and Wi-Fi as an easy and intuitive pairing or authentication process with only a tap. As a general NFC interface, the RF430CL330H enables end equipment to communicate with the fast-growing infrastructure of NFC-enabled smart phones, tablets, and notebooks.