RX100 Series 32-bit MCUs

By Renesas Electronics America 165

RX100 Series 32-bit MCUs

The RX100 series is the RX Family's 32-bit entry level, extending the MCU's portfolio to the low-end of the spectrum in terms of pin count and flash-memory size. The RX111 group 32-bit MCU features True Low Power, fast wake-up, 8 KB FLASH, multiple safety functions, and integrated USB 2.0 host, device, and OTG support.

It consumes 350 nA in sleep mode and snaps into full operation in 4.8 μs. Memory size ranges from 16 KB to 128 KB, and compact, low-pin-count packages are available starting at 36 pins. Low-end 32-bit embedded applications include mobile healthcare, smart meters, sensors/detectors, and industrial and building automation.