SC Series SMD Power Inductors

By Signal Transformer 162

SC Series SMD Power Inductors

Signal Transformer is introducing a series of high efficiency shielded and non-shielded surface mount power inductors. These SMD wire wound power inductors are sized to industry standard packages for ease of design. Product highlights include: Multiple profile heights within the same foot-print. (Minimizing the chance of having to re-work or re-spin the PCB when values may need to be changed, for example, from a non-shielded to a low EMI shielded inductor.)

Consisting of 2,700 standard part numbers, the shielded and unshielded devices in Signal Transformer's SMD inductor portfolio are ideally suited for a broad range of consumer and industrial power applications including test and measurement, automotive electronics, and industrial process control. Parts are commonly specified for use in DC/DC converters, switching regulated power supplies, telecommunications equipment, mobile phones, pagers, computers, printers, and other peripherals. They are also frequently employed in audio and video applications, and in such LC resonant circuits as oscillator and signal generators. The inductors are extensively utilized in impedance matching, circuit isolation, and RF filters.

  • Profile heights ranging from 1 mm to 12.3 mm
  • Inductance Range 0.01 μH to 10 mH
  • DC Current Range 4 mA - 70 A
  • DC Resistance Range 2 mΩ to 140 Ω
  • Custom formulated powder materials
  • Medical
  • Networking
  • Telecom/Datacom
  • Consumer
  • Industrial

SMD Inductors At-A-Glance