SG Series GDT Surge Arrester SMD 1812 Size

By Littelfuse Inc 48

SG Series GDT Surge Arrester SMD 1812 Size

The SG series from Littelfuse is a series of square GDT devices in a standard 1812 footprint (4.5 mm x 3.2 mm x 2.7 mm) designed for printed circuit boards that require surface mount technology. It has a high current handling capability of 1,000 A at 8/20µs. It is ideal for applications where nearby lightning strikes may create damaging fast-rising transients in the 100 V/µs to 1 kV/µs range. This threat is especially common in telecom and communications equipment, certain types of test equipment, power supplies, and broadband equipment. The GDT reliably protects against ESD as well.

  • Wide voltage range options, from 75 VDC to 420 VDC
  • Square outline: 1812 SMD size
  • Excellent response to fast-rising transients makes it ideal for high-speed broadband applications
  • Excellent stability on multiple-pulse duty cycle offers strong protection
  • Low capacitance (<1 pF) preserves signal integrity
  • UL Recognized, lead-free and RoHS-compliant