SY88149HAL Limiting Amplifier

By Microchip Technology 72

SY88149HAL Limiting Amplifier

Microchip's SY88149HAL is a high-sensitivity, burst-mode capable, limiting-post amplifier designed for FTTH PON optical line terminal (OLT) receiver applications. The SY88149HAL satisfies the strict timing restrictions of the GPON standards by providing ultra-fast loss-of-signal (LOS) or signal-detect (SD) output. Auto reset and manual reset options are provided to control LOS/SD output timing. The device can be connected to burst-mode capable transimpedance amplifiers (TIAs) using AC or DC coupling.

The SY88149HAL generates a high-gain LVTTL LOS or SD output. A programmable LOS/SD level set pin (LOS/SD LVL) sets the sensitivity of the input amplitude detection. For increased flexibility, this device also includes an option to select between LOS or SD output by using the LOS/SD SEL pin. The LOS/SD output can be fed back to the JAM input to maintain data output stability under an invalid input signal conditions. Typically, 3 dB LOS/SD hysteresis is provided to prevent chattering.

  • < 5 ns SD Assert (LOS Deassert) time
  • Option to AUTO RESET or manual RESET LOS/SD output
  • Available in a 16-pin (3 mm x 3 mm) QFN® package
  • Selectable LOS/SD output option
  • High-sensitivity LOS/SD signal detect
  • Programmable LOS/SD level set (LOS/SDLVL)
  • Squelching function to maintain output stability
  • 5 mVpp input sensitivity
  • Low-noise LVPECL data outputs
  • 1.25 Gbps operation
  • Single 3.3 V power supply

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