T92 Series Relays

By TE Connectivity Potter & Brumfield Relays 94

T92 Series Relays

TE Connectivity's T92 is the two pole version of the T9 relay family. It is offered with either a form A or form C contact arrangement. The normally open contacts are nominally rated 30 A, and there is a 40 A UL rating. The normally closed contacts on the form C version are not intended for power switching and are rated 3 A. T92 relays are available with a DC coil requiring 1.7 W or an AC coil requiring 4 VA of power. It is offered with PC terminals for board mounting or with quick connect terminals and mounting flanges for panel mounting. A screw terminal, panel mount version is also available. T92 is offered with a flux-proof, wash-tight or dust resistant case. T92 is the only two pole model in the T9 relay family. 

Applications include: HVAC, industrial controls, residential and commercial appliances.

  • Two pole
  • Form A (NO) or form C (CO)
  • 30 A contact rating (NO)
  • 3 A contact rating (NC)
  • 1.7 W or 4 VA coil
  • Various mounting, termination and enclosure options permit design flexibility
  • UL recognized, UL listed, CSA certified, VDE approved