T9A Series Relays

By TE Connectivity Potter & Brumfield Relays 101

T9A Series Relays

TE Connectivity's T9A is a single pole relay with either a form A, form B or form C contact arrangement. Contacts are rated 30 A in form A arrangements, 15 A in form B arrangements, and 20 A normally open, 10 A normally closed in form C arrangements. The T9A series is offered with a choice of a 1 W or a 900 milliwatt DC coil. Models with either coil share the same basic contact rating, but the 1 W version generates somewhat higher contact pressure for greater resistance to shock and vibration, while being better able to break through any film that might have developed on the contact surfaces.

Some customers prefer not to carry power loads on their PC boards, so the T9A is designed with optional quick connect terminals in addition to PC terminals. Yet another version takes this a step further, adding mounting flanges to the relay’s case and eliminating all PC terminals to create a panel mount version. T9A is offered as an open-style relay or with flux-proof, wash-tight or dust resistant case. A new high endurance version achieves longer electrical life when switching resistive loads and T9A relays are rated for operation to 105°C for high temperature applications. The T9A is UL recognized and CSA certified, and it is the most broadly used of all the T9 family relays.

Applications include: HVAC, appliances, and industrial controls.

  • Single pole
  • Form A (NO), form B (NC) or form C (CO)
  • 30 A contact rating (NO)
  • 15 A contact rating (NC)
  • 20 A/10 A contact rating (NO/NC)
  • 1 W or 900 mW DC coil
  • Various mounting, termination and enclosure options permit design flexibility
  • New high endurance version for longer life when switching resistive loads
  • Rated for temperatures up to 105°C
  • UL recognized, CSA certified