TLK110 Ethernet PHY Transceiver

By Texas Instruments 98

TLK110 Ethernet PHY Transceiver

Texas Instruments' TLK110 is a single-port Ethernet PHY for 10Base-T and 100Base TX signaling. It integrates all the physical-layer functions needed to transmit and receive data on standard twisted-pair cables. This device supports the standard Media Independent Interface (MII) and Reduced Media Independent Interface (RMII) for direct connection to a Media Access Controller (MAC).

The TLK110 is designed for power-supply flexibility, and can operate with a single 3.3 V power supply or with combinations of 3.3 V and 1.5 V power supplies for reduced power operation.

  • Low power consumption:
    • <205 mW PHY and 275 mW with center tap (Typical)
  • Cable diagnostics
  • Programmable fast link down modes, <10 µs reaction time
  • Fixed TX clock to XI, with programmable phase shift
  • Industrial networks
  • Factory automation
  • Motor control
  • Motion control
  • General embedded applications

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