TPS22913B/C Load Switch

By Texas Instruments 165

TPS22913B/C Load Switch

Texas Instruments' TPS22913 is a small, low rON load switch with controlled turn on. The device contains a P-channel MOSFET that can operate over an input voltage range of 1.4 V to 5.5 V. The switch is controlled by an on/off input (ON), capable of interfacing directly with low-voltage control signals. The TPS22913 is active high enabled.

The TPS22913 contains a 150 Ω on-chip load resistor for quick output discharge when the switch is turned off. The rise time of the device is internally controlled in order to avoid inrush current. The TPS22913 family has various slew rate options.

  • Integrated single load switch
  • Ultra small CSP-4 package 0.9 mm x 0.9 mm, 0.5 mm pitch
  • Input voltage range: 1.4 V to 5.5 V
  • Low ON-resistance
  • 2 A maximum continuous switch current
  • Low threshold control input
  • Controlled slew-rate options
  • Portable industrial equipment
  • Portable medical equipment
  • Portable media players
  • Point of sales terminal
  • GPS devices
  • Digital cameras
  • Portable instrumentation
  • Smartphones