TPS62125 Step-Down Regulator

By Texas Instruments 83

TPS62125 Step-Down Regulator

Texas Instruments' TPS62125 complements TI’s portfolio of special function DC/DC converters. The devices are dedicated to energy sources like solar, thermal, vibration harvesters, and others. TPS62125 provides high efficiency over the entire load and supply voltage range. In addition, it offers high design flexibility through its adjustable ENABLE threshold and hysteresis.

Features Applications
  • Wide input voltage range 3 V to 17 V
  • Input SVS (Supply Voltage Supervisor) with adjustable threshold/hysteresis consuming typ. 6 µA quiescent current
  • Wide output voltage range 1.2 V to 10 V
  • Typ. 13 µA quiescent current
  • 350 nA typ. shutdown current
  • Energy harvesting supplies
  • Battery applications: 4x Alkaline or 2-4 Li-Ion cells
  • 9 V - 15 V bus voltage rails
  • Embedded processing
  • Inverter (negative VOUT)

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