TPS62175/7 Step-Down Converters

By Texas Instruments 114

TPS62175/7 Step-Down Converters

Texas Instruments' TPS62175/7 is a high efficiency, synchronous step-down DC-DC converter based on the DCS-Control™ topology. With a wide operating input voltage range of 4.75 V to 28 V, the device is ideally suited for systems powered from multi-cell Li-Ion as well as 12 V and even higher intermediate supply rails, providing up to 500 mA output current. This device automatically enters Power Save Mode at light loads to maintain high efficiency across the entire load range.

  • DCS-control topology
  • Input voltage range 4.75 V to 28 V
  • Quiescent current 4.8 µA (typ. in sleep mode)
  • 100% duty cycle mode
  • Active output discharge
  • General purpose POL regulator
  • System power rail voltage conversion
  • Battery powered portable devices
  • Sensors and metering
  • Low power MCU supplies