TPS7A4700 Ultra-Low Noise Linear Regulator

By Texas Instruments 94

TPS7A4700 Ultra-Low Noise Linear Regulator

Texas Instruments' TPS7A47 is a positive voltage (+36 V), gain-independent, ultra-low noise (3.5 µVRMS) linear regulator capable of sourcing a maximum 1 A load. In contrast with other voltage regulators, which amplify intrinsic noise as a function of output voltage, the TPS7A47 maintains a constant intrinsic noise level constant throughout the output voltage range from 1.4 V to 19.1 V. In addition, the TPS7A47 output voltage is fully user-adjustable via the printed circuit board (PCB) layout without the need of external resistors, thus reducing overall component count. The TPS7A47 is designed with bipolar technology, primarily for high-accuracy, high-precision instrumentation applications where clean voltage rails are critical to maximize system performance.

Features Applications
  • Input voltage range: +3 V to +36 V
  • Output voltage noise: 4.17 µVRMS (10 Hz, 100 kHz)
  • Power-supply ripple rejection:
    • 82 dB (100 Hz)
    • ≥ 55 dB (10 Hz, 10 MHz)
  • ANY-OUT™ (user-adjustable output via PCB layout):
    • No external resistors or feed-forward capacitors required
    • Output voltage range: +1.4 V to +20.5 V
  • Output current: 1 A
  • Base stations, macro, micro, pico
  • Micro wave/radio links
  • Noise filtering for RX, TX and PA
  • Industrial
  • Medical