TS3DDR3812 12-Channel 1:2 MUX/DEMUX Switch

By Texas Instruments 410

TS3DDR3812 12-Channel 1:2 MUX/DEMUX Switch

Texas Instruments' TS3DDR3812 is a 12-channel, 1:2 multiplexer/ demultiplexer switch designed for DDR3 applications. It operates from a 3 V to 3.6 V supply and offers low and flat ON-state resistance as well as low I/O capacitance which allow it to achieve a typical bandwidth of 1.675 GHz. Channels A0 through A11 are divided into two banks of six bits and are independently controlled via two digital inputs called SEL1 and SEL2. These select inputs control the switch position of each 6-bit DDR3 source and allow them to be routed to one of two end-points. Alternatively, the switch can be used to connect a single endpoint to one of two 6-bit DDR3 sources. For switching 12-bit DDR3 sources, simply connect SEL1 and SEL2 together externally and control all 12 channels with a single GPIO input. An EN input allows the entire chip to be placed into a high-impedance (Hi-Z) state while not in use.

Features Applications
  • Wide bandwidth of 1.675 GHz
  • Low propagation delay (tpd = 40 ps typical)
  • Low bit-to-bit skew (tsk(o) = 6 ps maximum)
  • VCC operating range from 3 V to 3.6 V
  • DDR3 signal switching
  • DIMM modules
  • Notebook/desktop PCs
  • Servers

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