UCC25230 PWM Converter

By Texas Instruments 118

UCC25230 PWM Converter

Texas Instruments' UCC25230 is a highly integrated PWM converter operating as an isolated forward flyback. It has integrated high-side and low-side power switches and the control circuit includes all key converter functions. The power stage requires only one multiple winding coupled inductor and a few output capacitors for the complete solution. Voltage-mode feed-forward control with external compensation allows optimal output filter selection over a wide input voltage range. The UCC25230 has fixed frequency set internally at 380 kHz. It also includes input voltage UVLO and OVLO comparators with hysteresis as well as an input-good, open-collector output signal which can be used to enable PWM controllers.

Features Applications
  • Highly integrated converter operating as a buck, or isolated forward-flyback, Flybuck™
  • Wide operating input voltage range from 12 V to 100 V, 105-V surge
  • Up to 0.2 A output current
  • High density isolated standby bias supplies
  • DC-to-DC converters