Wire-End Ferrules

By Weidmuller 102

Wire-End Ferrules

Weidmuller wire-end ferrules significantly simplify installation, improve safety, and diminish the risk of costly panel failure.

Stranded wire is the wire of choice for most electrical applications. Due to its superior flexibility and longer flex life, it offers more routing options than solid wire. Stranded wire is also more durable. It stands up to vibration and sudden movement that can cause rigid solid wire to snap.

Stranded wire gains its flexibility from the way the bundles of wire in the strands are woven together. The integrity of the stranded bundles is further reinforced by the jacket of insulating material that surrounds them. The moment the insulation is stripped from the wire-end, however, its strength is transformed into a source of weakness as wire bundles unravel and individual strands are exposed. In the process, the potential for short circuits and failed connections rises dramatically. Identifying shorts is a time-consuming process. In the case of a typical panel, this could mean testing hundreds of connections, causing extensive downtime. Ferrules can rectify this situation by giving stranded wire the qualities of solid wire where it is needed most, at the point of connection.

  • Mounting Advantages: Prevents stranded wires from fanning out. Higher vibration resistance than without ferrules.
  • Easy Identification: Of wire and wire gauge due to colored plastic collar.
  • Long-term Safety: Increased contact safety of flexible wires and protection against corrosion.
  • Connection: Permanent high-quality connection and consistent electrical values.
  • Protection: The plastic collar protects against gas intrusion and wire bending.
  • Polypropylene conical cable entry
  • Heat-resistant up to 105 °C
  • Tin-plated copper
  • Dimensional tolerances to DIN 46228 part 4
  • If required, the cable entry can also be manufactured from a not readily flammable material for conductors from 1.5 to 16 mm² (AWG 16-6)