XC6222 Series LDO Regulator

By Torex Semiconductor, Ltd. 182

XC6222 Series LDO Regulator

Torex's XC6222 series is a highly accurate, low noise, high ripple rejection, low dropout, and low power consumption high speed CMOS voltage regulator. The series consists of a voltage reference, an error amplifier, a driver transistor, a current limiter, a thermal protection circuit, a reverse current protection and a phase compensation circuit. The CE function enables the entire circuit to be placed in a stand-by state by inputting a low level signal to the CE pin. In this stand-by mode, the electric charge at the output capacitor (CL) will be discharged by the internal auto-discharge switch, and as a result the VOUT pin will quickly return to the VSS level. Over-current protection and thermal protection circuits are integrated. The protection circuit starts to operate when either output current reaches the current limit level or junction temperature reaches the temperature limit. With the reverse current protection function, the reverse current flow is prohibited when VOUT voltage is higher than VIN voltage.

Features Applications
  • Maximum output current: 700 mA
  • Dropout voltage: 120 mV @IOUT=300 mA (VOUT=3.0 V)
  • Operating voltage range: 1.7 V – 6.0 V
  • Low power consumption: 100 µA (VOUT=3.0 V)
  • High ripple rejection: 65 dB @ 1 kHz
  • Operating temperature: -40°C - 85°C
  • USB Products
  • CD/DVD/HDD drives
  • Mobile phones
  • Portable game consoles
  • Camera modules
  • Electronic dictionaries