ZXLD1371 LED Driver Controller

By Diodes Incorporated 41

ZXLD1371 LED Driver Controller

Diodes' ZXLD1371 is a high accuracy LED driver controller. The LED load current that can be delivered is dependent on the external MOSFET. The ZXLD1371, with its unique architecture utilizing only one current sense resistor, can be used as a buck converter, boost converter, and a buck-boost converter.

The ZXLD1371 extends the minimum input voltage of the ZXLD1370 down to 5.0 V. This allows it to operate at lower input voltages than the 1370, making it better suited to applications that are subjected to large variances in their input voltages, such as automotive lighting and 12 VAC powered systems. Its 60 V maximum input voltage enables it to comfortably operate from 48 V rails, and in boost mode can drive LED chain voltages greater than 60 V.

  • Operates down to 5.0 V
  • High accuracy LED control: 1% reference tolerance
  • 60 V maximum input voltage range
  • Multi-topology device
  • LED thermal management via external thermistor
  • Separate 1000:1 PWM dimming capability
  • 3+W buck LED driver
  • Daylight running lamps
  • 1 W/3 W boost LED driver
  • 1 W/3 W buck-boost LED driver