25 V FastIRFET™ Family of Dual Power MOSFETs

By Infineon Technologies 107

25 V FastIRFET™ Family of Dual Power MOSFETs

International Rectifier's IRFH4251D, IRFH4253D, IRFHE4250D, and IRFHE4255D comprise a family of innovative Power Block devices for DC-DC synchronous buck applications including advanced telecom and netcom equipment, servers, and graphic cards, as well as desktop, Ultrabook, and notebook computers.

The 25 V IRFH4251D, IRFH4253D, IRFHE4250D, and IRFHE4255D feature IR's latest generation silicon in a novel package that delivers benchmark power density in a 5 x 6 mm PQFN. The new Power Block devices feature an integrated monolithic FETKY®, and innovative package employing a leading-edge, flipped-die technology that enables efficient dissipation of the heat from the source of the synchronous MOSFET directly to the ground layers of the PCB. As a result of improved thermal performance and increased power density, one of the new 5 x 6 dual devices may replace two 5 x 6 standard single devices. The new package also utilizes IR's proprietary single copper clip already employed in PowIRStage® and SupIRBuck® products. It also implements an optimized layout that significantly reduces stray inductance to lower peak ringing. This allows the designer the option to use 25 V MOSFETs in place of less efficient 30 V devices.

Optimized for 5 V gate-drive applications, they work with any controller or driver to offer design flexibility while delivering higher current, efficiency, and frequency capability in a small footprint compared to alternative approaches using two discrete 30 V power MOSFETs.

Features and Benefits

  • Control and synchronous MOSFETs in one package results in increased power density
  • Low charge control MOSFET (10 nC typical) results in lower switching losses
  • Low RDS(on) synchronous MOSFET (< 1.10 mΩ / IRFH4251DPbF and < 1.45 mΩ / IRFH4253DPbF) results in lower conduction losses
  • Scalable platform allows different current-rated devices in the same footprint
  • Intrinsic Schottky diode with low forward voltage on Q1 results in lower switching losses
  • RoHS-compliant, halogen-free results in environmentally friendly devices
  • MSL2, industrial qualification results in increased reliability