ADIS16228 iSensor®

By Analog Devices Inc 171

ADIS16228 iSensor®

Analog Devices' ADIS16228 iSensor® is a complete vibration sensing system that combines triaxial acceleration sensing with advanced time-domain and frequency-domain signal processing. Time-domain signal processing includes a programmable decimation filter and selectable windowing function. Frequency-domain processing includes a 512-point, real-valued FFT for each axis, along with FFT averaging, which reduces the noise floor variation for finer resolution. The 14-record FFT storage system offers users the ability to track changes over time and to capture FFTs with multiple decimation filter settings.

The 20.48 kSPS sample rate and 5 kHz flat frequency band provide a frequency response that is suitable for many machine health applications. The aluminum core provides excellent mechanical coupling to the MEMS acceleration sensors. An internal clock drives the data sampling and signal processing system during all operations, which eliminates the need for an external clock source. The data capture function has three modes that offer several options to meet the needs of many different applications. In addition, real-time mode provides direct access to streaming data on one axis. The SPI and data buffer structure provide convenient access to data output. The ADIS16228 also offers a digital temperature sensor and digital power supply measurements.

The ADIS16228 is available in a 15 mm × 24 mm × 15 mm module with flanges, M2 machine screw holes, and a flexible connector that enables simple user interface and installation. The ADIS16228 is footprint and pin-for-pin compatible with the ADIS16210. It has an extended operating temperature range of −40°C to +125°C.

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