ADuM3190/4190 Isolated Error Amplifiers

By Analog Devices Inc 52

ADuM3190/4190 Isolated Error Amplifiers

Analog Devices' ADuM3190 and ADuM4190 are isolated error amplifiers based on Analog Devices' iCoupler® technology. The ADuMx190 is ideal for linear feedback power supplies with primary-side controllers enabling improvements in transient response, power density and stability as compared to commonly used optocoupler and shunt-regulator solutions.

Unlike optocoupler-based solutions, which have an uncertain current-transfer ratio over lifetime and high temperatures, the ADuMx190 transfer function does not change over lifetime and is stable over a wide temperature range of -40°C to 125°C.

Included is a wide band operational amplifier which can be used to set up a variety of commonly used power supply loop compensation techniques. The ADuMx190 is fast enough to allow a feedback loop to react to fast transient conditions and over current conditions. Also, included is a high-accuracy 1.225 V reference to compare with the supply output set point.