AL8811 DC-DC Converter

By Diodes Incorporated 68

AL8811 DC-DC Converter

Diodes introduces a miniature DC-DC converter, supporting boost, buck and voltage-inverting circuit topologies for LED lighting and general-purpose power management applications. The AL8811 is available in the 3.0 mm x 4.9 mm x 1.1 mm MSOP-8L package, requiring minimal external components and enabling significant reductions in both circuit footprint and BOM cost.

While the AL8811 is advantageous for many low-voltage LED lighting applications, dimmable MR16 lamps will particularly benefit from the new device. For example, using the AL8811 in boost mode in conjunction with an AL8807A buck LED driver creates a high-power factor, dimmable MR16 solution that is both compact in size and low in component cost. Additionally, this two-stage design ensures good compatibility with a variety of electronic transformers and low LED current ripple.

With a wide 3 V to 20 V input voltage operating range and an output voltage up to 36 V, the AL8811 is suitable for an array of different 12 VAC lighting applications. The device’s shut-down current is also very low at 0.01 µA (typical), while its maximum output switch current is 1.6 A.

Comprising an internal temperature-compensated reference, a controlled duty-cycle oscillator with an active current-limit circuit, driver, and high-current output switch, the AL8811 from Diodes Incorporated provides designers with a particularly versatile solution for DC-DC conversion circuits.

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