AS3630-ZWLM DC-DC Step-Up Converter

By ams 145

AS3630-ZWLM DC-DC Step-Up Converter

The ams AS3630 is an inductive high efficient 4 MHz dual DC-DC step-up converter with several sources. It supports the charging of a Supercap, its voltage balancing, and a highly-efficient DC-DC step-up from the Supercap to the LED, and from VIN to the LED to power the flash LED with up to 8 A. The AS3630 supports the pre-charging of the Supercap (to VIN) to reduce the start-up time for the flash without reducing the lifetime of the Supercap. The system concept supports an immediate torch function without first charging the Supercap. The AS3630 includes flash time-out, over/under voltage, over temperature, and LED short-circuit protection. The device is controlled by an I2C interface for adjustment of the currents and timings, set the end-of-charge voltage, and measure the Supercap and LED parameters through the internal ADC. A dedicated TXMASK/TORCH input can be used for a torch button or reducing the battery current if a RF PA is operated at the same time (TX Masking). A hardware-enabled pin-ON can be used as a reset input. The AS3630 is available in a space-saving WL-CSP 5 x 5 balls package measuring only 2.5 mm x 2.5 x 0.6 mm, and operates over the -30ºC to +85ºC temperature range.

  • Dual high-efficiency boost converter with soft start allows small coils
  • Immediate torch functions with charging of the Supercap
  • 4 MHz fixed frequency DC-DC
  • Flash-LEDs cathode connected to ground
  • LED currents (fully adjustable by interface)
  • 8 A for 33 ms and 6 A for 120 ms Flash, 2.9 mA to 272 mA for torch
  • 1 mA to 8 mA indicator current
  • I2C interface with interrupt output and ON pin

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