CB Series Ceramic-Housed Flameproof Wirewound Resi

By Stackpole Electronics, Inc. 64

CB Series Ceramic-Housed Flameproof Wirewound Resi

Stackpole's CB series is comprised of a wirewound resistive element in a ceramic housing and encased in cement. The result is an inexpensive, 5 W through-hole resistor with outstanding pulse handling, excellent stability, and reliability over a wide range of environmental and electrical environments. The CB is a good choice for replacement of multiple low-power film resistors in a single device, reducing size, weight, and cost. The CB's ceramic housing and inorganic construction allow it to be used in applications with temperatures up to 275ºC.

The CB5 is a good solution for many types of power and control applications with power requirements up to 5 W. Typical applications include small electric motor controls, industrial machinery, power supplies, welding equipment, plasma cutters, fluid dispensing and monitoring systems and controls, outdoor and under water lighting, loudspeakers, and audio amplifiers.