EDLC Series - Electric Double Layer Capacitors

By TDK Corporation 89

EDLC Series - Electric Double Layer Capacitors

TDK's Electric Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC) employs a double layer of charged particles formed on activated carbon electrodes in an electrolyte. High capacitance is achieved due to large electrode surface area.

If the current demand from the circuits would be larger than the battery could supply, the line voltage would drop and the system would become unstable. The EDLCs would be able to supply large current for a short period, so that a line voltage-drop would be prevented. Better/faster response to power demand is the feature of EDLCs.

  • High capacitance: 10 mF ~ 1000 mF
  • Long life: More than 100,000 cycles
  • Short charging time: Less than sec. ~ few min.
  • Clean: No heavy metals
  • Safety: No fire, no explosion
  • Back-up battery for wide-band network:
    Memory card, SSD, note PC, tablet PC, and smart card
  • High current assistant battery for LED light:
    Mobile phone

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