EMC1412 SMBus Temperature Sensor

By Microchip Technology 141

EMC1412 SMBus Temperature Sensor

Microchip's EMC1412 is a high-accuracy, low-cost, system management bus (SMBus) temperature sensor. Advanced features such as resistance error correction (REC), beta compensation (to support CPU diodes requiring the BJT / transistor model including 45 nm, 65 nm, and 90 nm processors) and automatic diode type detection combine to provide a robust solution for complex environmental monitoring applications.

The EMC1412 monitors two temperature channels (one external and one internal). It provides ±1°C accuracy for both external and internal diode temperatures.

Resistance error correction automatically eliminates the temperature error caused by series resistance allowing greater flexibility in routing thermal diodes. Beta compensation eliminates temperature errors caused by low, variable beta transistors common in today's fine geometry processors. The automatic beta detection feature monitors the external diode/transistor and determines the optimum sensor settings for accurate temperature measurements regardless of processor technology. This frees the user from providing unique sensor configurations for each temperature monitoring application. These advanced features plus ±1° measurement accuracy provide a low-cost, highly-flexible and accurate solution for critical temperature monitoring applications.

  • Support for diodes requiring the BJT / transistor model
    • Supports 45 nm, 65 nm, and 90 nm CPU thermal diodes
  • Pin compatible with ADM1032, MAX6649, and LM99
  • Automatically determines external diode type and optimal settings
  • Resistance error correction
  • External temperature monitors:
    • ±1°C accuracy (20°C < TDIODE < 110°C)
    • 0.125°C resolution
    • Supports up to 2.2 nF diode filter capacitor
  • Internal temperature monitor:
    • ±1°C accuracy
    • 0.125°C resolution
  • 3.3 V supply voltage
  • Programmable temperature limits for ALERT# and THERM#
  • Available in small 8-pin 2 mm x 3 mm TDNF RoHS-compliant package
  • Available in small 8-pin MSOP RoHS-compliant package
  • Programmable SMBus address
  • Notebook computers
  • Desktop computers
  • Industrial
  • Embedded applications

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