HM72E-06 Series Molded Inductor

By TT Electronics/BI 154

HM72E-06 Series Molded Inductor

TT Electronics/BI Technologies' HM72E-06 series has been designed as a +155°C high-temperature rated, molded inductor for high-stress environments that require high-current saturation levels. It is ideal for high power-density applications where size is critical.

It is targeted at designers of DC-DC converters who require a buck, boost, or buck-boost inductor for voltage regulation at fast switching frequencies up to 3 MHz. It can also be used as a filter inductor for EMI noise reduction.

  • High-operating temperature allows for higher-ambient or higher-temperature rise in circuit design
  • Moisture resistant so the molded body will not rust
  • High-power density can save board space and reduce weight for fuel cost savings
  • DC-DC Converters
  • Point-of-load modules
  • Low-pass ripple current filters
  • EMI filters
  • High-end industrial
  • Medical