Lithium Coin Cell Battery Holders

By Keystone Electronics 181

Lithium Coin Cell Battery Holders

Keystone Electronics compact and vertical holders allow battery insertion and replacement from the top, making them ideal for high-density packaging, which maximizes board placement choices. The through-hole mount (THM) versions feature an "air-flow" support-leg design that facilitates soldering and quick battery insertion. The surface-mount (SMT) versions feature a "flow-hole" solder tail design for increased solder joint strength and are available on tape-and-reel.

These holders are manufactured from UL rated 94 V-0 materials. Contacts are made of high-quality spring steel to assure reliable connections and allow contact resistance. Each contact is clearly marked with its polarity to assure proper battery insertion.

Lightweight and rugged, these PCB coin cell holders offer a uniquely designed notched battery slot that assures quick and easy insertion and replacement of all major battery manufacturers' lithium coin cells.

Features and Benefits
  • Low profile for high-density packaging
  • Reliable spring-tension contacts assure low-contact resistance
  • Retains battery securely to withstand shock and vibration
  • Rugged construction, light weight
  • Unique notched battery slot assures quick and easy battery insertion and replacement
  • Compatible with vacuum and mechanical pick and place systems
  • Base material UL rated 94 V-0. Impervious to most industrial solvents
  • THM "air-flow" design pattern enhances air circulation around battery
  • SMT "flow-hole" solder tail design for increased solder joint strength
  • Clearly marked polarities to help guard against improper insertion