LM3150 SIMPLE SWITCHER® Controllers

By Texas Instruments 51

LM3150 SIMPLE SWITCHER® Controllers

Texas Instruments' LM3150 SIMPLE SWITCHER® Controller is an easy to use and simplified step down power controller capable of providing up to 12 A of output current in a typical application. Operating with an input voltage range of 6 to 42 V, the LM3150 features an adjustable output voltage down to 0.6 V. The switching frequency is adjustable up to 1 MHz and the synchronous architecture provides for highly efficient designs. The LM3150 controller employs a Constant On-Time (COT) architecture with a proprietary Emulated Ripple Mode (ERM) control that allows for the use of low ESR output capacitors, which reduces overall solution size and output voltage ripple. The Constant On-Time (COT) regulation architecture allows for fast transient response and requires no loop compensation, which reduces external component count and reduces design complexity.

Fault protection features such as thermal shutdown, under-voltage lockout, over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, current limit, and output voltage pre-bias startup allow for a reliable and robust solution.